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BB in Feb of '09
25 June 2009

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Marcel P. on future goalie
Belle photo

omid on future goalie
so cute! :)

B. Thomas on future goalie
Cute shot and I love the quote.

Existence Artistique on future goalie
c'est excellent

Jaya on future goalie
Bellissima imagine :-)

Steve Rice on future goalie
Way to go! Our grandson loves soccer and is a pretty good player at age 7.

Ana Lúcia on new days
I like this image. Beautiful monochrome and nice subject.

omid on new days
:) Lovely!

omid on druid-like
wonderful sky !!!!

B. Thomas on new days
So have you taken up sewing?

Sam on druid-like
Great sky. :)

Sam on new days
Beautiful image. Lovely. :)

Steve Rice on new days
A puppet for the grandkids it seems.

Steve Rice on druid-like

Steve Rice on abudance amidst blemish

Steve Rice on simplicity around us
Nice yellow and green colors.

Steve Rice on thick, as a brick
A cool shot.

B. Thomas on big bend biosphere
Such rugged country. Nice shot.

Steve Rice on big bend biosphere
Beautiful and interesting.

Steve Rice on gear ready!
Everyone looks ready . . . maybe.

B. Thomas on enrichment
It looks like you have reached a new reading level, Tim. ;-)

omid on enrichment
L O V E L Y !

Steve Rice on enrichment
Read fast! ;-)

Steve Rice on the "sage" forecaster
An interesting phenomenon. Pretty photos, too.

B. Thomas on the "sage" forecaster
I love purple sage, but I didn't not know it could forecast rain. Nice shots.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on the "sage" forecaster
I think this is good news. Nature is wise.

Steve Rice on Buddha Shakyamuni
Beautiful and peaceful.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Buddha Shakyamuni
divine serenity

Steve Rice on Kamakura period

Larry Bliss on Kamakura period
A figure of great strength...

beach on Kamakura period
Marvelous piece of art.

Existence Artistique on Kamakura period

Steve Rice on Kamakura period

Existence Artistique on Kamakura period
génial ce vert

Steve Rice on enlight

Luca Bobbiesi on enlight
Wonderful shot!!!

Existence Artistique on enlight

B. Thomas on insight
Very cool, and a little creepy. ;-)

Existence Artistique on insight

Steve Rice on insight

Steve Rice on imperfectly perfect
They don't give up without a fight.

Steve Rice on new season
Lovely blossoms.

B. Thomas on Thinking about it
Nice B&W selfie.

Steve Rice on Thinking about it
Thinking hard it seems.

B. Thomas on purslane
A sweet little flower. Hope your summer is going well.

Steve Rice on purslane
A lovely blossom. I like those colors.

Eye for Beauty on end of school year next month!
very nice

Steve Rice on end of school year next month!
Cool shot!

Existence Artistique on end of school year next month!
bel effet

Steve Rice on May in Texas

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